What is Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy is called the “Art of Healing”.  It applies the law of similars, or “likes cures likes”.  This means that if something can cause symptoms in a healthy person, then it can also be used to stimulate self-healing in a sick person.  Created by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) a German physician, who used a philosphical and scientific view of medicine and the patient. Simple said, symptoms specific to an idividual should be taken into account before making a diagnosis, the persons unique symptoms are important to finding the correct remedy.

Homeopathy, the word means: homoios or “similar” and pathos or “what one feels”.  It treats the whole person, the physical, mental, and emotional being.  It respect that no two people experience a cold, for example, the same.  Each will have their own unique symptoms to the cold, and the homeopath works to match a remedy to this picture.


How does Homeopathy work ?

Homeopathy works by matching a remedy to a patients unique symptoms.

Examples here will help in undrstanding:  Allium Cepa is a remedy used for watery eyes, and a burning nasal discharge. The source for allium cepa is a tiny dose of the onion,  and cooking/cutting  a onion creates these symptoms, great example of likes cures likes.  The remedy Coffea, made form coffee, is given to a person who can not quite the mind to sleep at night.

Simply put, a substance taken in a small amount (remedy) will cure the symptoms it causes if it was taken in  large amounts.


How are remedies made?

The remedies are made in keeping with Hahnemann’s “law of ptenization”, referring to the preparation of a homeopathic remedy.  A remedy is prepared by a controlled process of succesive dilutins alternating with succusion (shaking), which may be continued to the point where the resulting medicine contains no molecules of the original substance.  The small doses are called “potencies”; lesser dilutions are known as low potencies and greater dilutions as high potencies.  The higher the potency, the more times removed from the source.


Is Homeopathy safe ?

Homeopathy is both safe and effective.  It is recognized by the U.S. FDA.  The remedies are non-toxic and can be safely used in children, adults, and animals.  Most remedies are sold over the counter, with no know contraindications or adverse interactions with traditional medications.  Simply put, the right remdey works and the wrong one does nothing.


How do I dose these remedies?

For a 30c potenticy remedy (this is sold over the counter in most health food stores) you follow instuctions on tube if given, or take 3 pellets under your tongue.  This is one dose.  For trauma’s you can repeat the remedy every 15 min, until better.  For a cold or long term heal, you can take 3 doses 3 times a day until better.  Some times a additional dose can be daily for up to a week untill you feel 100% again.      200 c are take 3 doses 12 hrs. apart and usually only after you have contacted a homeopath.




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